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Poetry Page



In Acrostic poems, the first letters of each line are aligned vertically to form a word. 
The word often is the subject of the poem.

An example is-

                     Elegantly and efficiently shaped 
                     Good to eat 
                     Great fun to find at Easter 
                     Smooth shelled


Acrostic poems -



     Cinquains have five lines 
               Line 1: Title (noun) - 1 word 
               Line 2: Description - 2 words 
               Line 3: Action - 3 words 
               Line 4: Feeling (phrase) - 4 words 
               Line 5: Title (synonym for the title) - 1 word

An example is -

                  Helpful, caring
                 Loves to garden
      Excitable, likes satisfying people


Create a cinquain online at
 Animal cinquain -

More about the cinquain –



The Diamante is a form similar to the Cinquain. The text forms the shape of a diamond. 

Line 1: Noun or subject - one word 
Line 2: Two Adjectives that describe line 1 
Line 3: Three 'ing words that describe line 1 
Line 4: Four nouns - the first two are connected with line 1; the last two are connected with line 7 
Line 5: Three 'ing words that describe line 7 
Line 6: Two adjectives that describe line 7 
Line 7: Noun Synonym for the subject

               An example is-

                                                        Sharp, skinny 
                                            Writing, answering, erasing 
                                      Wood,       lead,       ink,       plastic 
                                            Drawing, smudging, leaking 
                                                  Durable, comfortable 



Diamantes online -
About diamantes -


Haiku is Japanese poetry that reflects on nature and feelings. You use your observation skills to write what you see in a new or different way. 
There are three lines with five syllables in the first line, seven syllables in the second, and five syllables in the third.

How To -
Haiku lessons and ideas -
Harry Potter haiku -

A limerick has five lines. 
The last words of lines one, two, and five rhyme. 
The last words of lines three and four rhyme. 
A limerick has to have a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables. 
    U S U U S U U S 
    U S U U S U U S 
    U S U U S 
    U S U U S 
    U S U U S U U S

An example is - 
                        "There was an old man from Peru 
                         Who dreamed he was eating his shoe 
                         He awoke in the night 
                         With a terrible fright 
                         To discover it was totally true." 


Limericks online -




Shape poems are made up of words that have been placed in such a way that they make the shape of an object and also use words to describe the object.

Start by making a simple outline of the shape or object ( an animal, a football, a fruit etc.) large enough to fill a piece of paper. 
Then brainstorm a minimum of ten words and phrases that describe the shape. List action and feeling words as well. 
Next, place a piece of paper over the shape and decide where your words are going to be placed so that they outline your shape but also fit well together. 
Separate words and phrases with commas.

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