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Miss Dreher's Web Page 

Biology Final Exam Review Powerpoint 


For current HW assignments and upcoming tests please click on Web pages for current chapters! 

 BIO Keystone Resources: Answer Key-


  Short Answer Question Scoring Examples- Short Answer Question Scoring PowerPoint 

 For information about the Biology Keystone exam, check out this page.   

Suggested method for review:

  • Begin reviewing the vocabulary.  View the flashcards on Quizlet for each unit. Understanding the language is the first and most important part of taking this exam.
  •  Watch the Crash Course videos for each unit.  These videos are very useful in that there is an outline of the video content at the end of each video.  If you did not understand a certain concept or just want to watch a specific part, jump to the end and click on the topic you want to review.
  •  After each video, there is a review worksheet.  These worksheets go over the material that will be found on the Biology Keystone. Begin reviewing with Unit 1 and continue through Unit 8.

1.)  Bio KeystoneBIOLOGY KEYSTONE OUTLINE - Description/Outline (read summary!)

Unit 1-8  Biology Keyston Review Wiki  - contains review video clips   

Unit 1-8 KEYSTONE QUIZLET-Key termsFlashcards  

Unit 1 - Basic Biological Principles       Unit 2 - Chemical Basis for Life     Unit 3 - Bioenergetics  

 Unit 4 - Homeostasis and Transport     Unit 5 - Cell Growth and Reproduction                   Unit 6 - Genetics                   

 Unit 7 - Ecology                     Unit 8 - Theory of Evolution    

2.) KEYSTONE REVIEW PODCASTS and Topic 1-9 Quizzes podcasts, quizzes

3.)     Practice Questions PowerPoint         Practice Questions Key -    

Biology Keystone Practice Questions         

4.) Keystone Biology Review POWERPOINT  and Keystone Review Packet to go along with Keystone Powerpoint

5.)Biology Prep Day Viewing Guide, Answer Key-Nazareth HS

Thematic Review Topics            Study Aid and Review Questions        

 SparkNotes Review of Biology Biology Prep Day Video - Part 1       Biology Prep Day Video - Part 2

STUDY ISLAND- Keystone Practice Questions and Games

 username:  firstnamelastname.ehs  (Ex. jackblack.ehs)   password= your EHS password (ex. wztsx2)

 *CLICK ON >>>PA Biology Keystone Preparation(Biology)




Generic Username:  eastpenn                      password: bio2013

 More Reviews, activities.... can be found at  CLASS ZONE- McDougal Book  

 username: ehsbio    password: sciencerocks

Ch 5 Quizlet        Ch 1 The Scope of Biology ppt (iguana)    Ch 3 Applied Notes



 BrainPOP Websites:BrainPOP

BrainPOP Español

All in Spanish BrainPOP Jr. (

 Log‐In Information:  Username: macungie           Password: lmms

AFTER HOURS LOGIN- username:  macungie_teacher    password: lmms



Mid term Review Powerpoint                           

 Midterm Practive Test

Course Selection Suggestions 2014-15


PBS symbiosis Activity Clip #1-5    


Symbiosis- Nat Geo Video Clips Lesson 

Photosynthesis virtual lab:  

part 1- background   part 2- virtual lab #1        part 3- Virtual lab #2      

 Part 4: Photosynthesis Tutorial 

8.1 ATP ppt                 8.2 Photosynthesis ppt                8.1-8.2 student notesheet 

 Photosynthesis note sheet   For use with the PPT Photosynthesis (2.66 MB)

ppt [PPT]Cellular Respiration Notes   Cellular Respiration Note Sheet



  • Unit 4 vocabulary- photsynthesis and cellular respiration with definitions.docx

    EHS COSTA RICA Trip JUNE/July 2014????????

    FAQ for students/Parents/ Gaurdians                         Costa Rican Adventures- Chill Expeditions  

     CP Biology- periods 7,9


      Applied Biology- period 2,4,5


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