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Ch 13 Biotechnology 

Power Point

 CP Ch 13 biotech ppt  updated 2014 

 Ch 13 Applied Biotech updated 2014 


CP Biology Student Notes 2014 

Applied BioTech  Student Notes 2014 




Basic GM info 

What is a GM food?- Scientific American  3 min


Assignment-Should we grow GM crops?- 


PBS- Harvest of Fear- (reading assignment) 

Watch Harvest of Fear- part 1/12  (youtube)  


14 year old debates against GMO- news 


Benefits of GM crops - webpage 

Benefits of GM crops-  article 

 GMO- benefits and risks- article 

Farmers and Experts discuss GM crops - clip 

Against GMO

GMO's Let's review - issues clip 

Next Meal- GM food clip

Seeds of Death video 

Genetic Roulette- the gamble of our lives 1 hr 25 min video 


 Cloning 101 6 min 

Cloning- Ted Talks- 10 min. 

Got Clones?- pbs 2 min.  

14 species that cloning could resurrect 

Sci Show- Resurrection Biology 

Cloned Dog- good morning america 


Stem Cells- Ted Talks 

Homeotic Genes in Flies

CH 12 Gene Therapy/ Cystic Fibrosi- case study 



Webquest Links

Children's Museum- Biotech Report 

a.) Wings Report Watch to answer Q3-6 on page 1.

Part 2-Genetically Modifying a Crop-

click on >>>>Transgenic Manipulation(83k)

animated button

Part 3- Click and Clone Mimi the mouse

Part 4-Create a DNA fingerprint

Nova Online- Create a DNA fingerprint

Part 5- Gel electrophoresis virtual Lab

Part 6- What is a stem cell- interactive

Bonus- Genetic Engineering- learn  more 

VIrtual PCR- pd 5,6,9 only


 What is a stem cell- interactive

What is Cloning Interactive

Transfering Genes 

Explore More- Genetic Engineering Clips 

  13.1 Genome/ Biotechnology   Video clips

 Human Genome Project   Mon. 1-27-14

 Intro to Biotechnology Podcast 6 min

enviropig CNN

genetic Engineering- Synthetic Biology 6 min 

 13.2 Genetic Recombination  Tues.  1-28

Genetic Engineering w/ Bacteria 3 min. 

What is Recombinant DNA technology? 

Super Science- Biotechnology

 Applications of Biotechnology 

DNA library - Tutorial (genomic library)

Bacteria Eating Oil-Scientific American


13.3 Genetically Modified Organisms

GM foods quick explaination- 1.29 min

Food for thought

Eyes of Nye- GMO

GM explained

GMO- part 1 What is a GMO?

GMO part 2- What could it do?

GMO part 3- Where from here?

GMO's Let's review - issues

Genetic Roulette- the gamble of our lives 1 hr 25 min

13.4  PCR and Electrophoresis

gel electrophoresis- narrative tutorial

 *How does a DNA fingerprint work? 

PCR virtual Lab









Web Links



Worksheets and Other Documents



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