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Ch 14 Darwin and EVOLUTION 2014 

CH 14 quizlet 14.1-14.5 terms 

CH 14 Quizlet- w/ detailed  questions


14.1 Darwin/ Natural Selection 

 14.1 ppt 2014 

14.1 notesheet 2014 


14.2 Evidence for Evolution 

14.2 ppt 2014 

14.2 student notesheet 2014 


14.3 Natural Selection/Mechanism for Evolution

14.3 ppt 2014 

14.3 student notesheet 2014 


14.4-14.5 Microevolution 

14.4-14.5 ppt 2014 

14.4 -14.5 student notesheet 2014








Natural Selection Webquest Worksheet

Whale Evolution Weblab 

Webquest #1- Natural Selection of Peppered moths

Game #1

Game #2 -Can you match the beak w/ the food? (scroll down)  

Game #3

Game #4

Game #5 Build a Monster- will it survive? (scroll down)

Game #6 Walking with the Beasts

Game #7 Vertebrate Adaptations  

Game #8   Build a Fish - will it survive? 



Ch 14 HW packet option #1 

Ch 14 HW packet option #2


Extra Materials 

Biology: Exploring Life Ch 14 Guided Reading Review 



What is Evolution?  Stated Clearly-8 min

What is Natural Selection? Stated Clearly 8 min 

Galapogos Islands- Nat Geo Exploring Oceans 5 min.

Galapogos- Islands & Evolution- Discovery Sci 6 min.

Amazing Galapogos  amzing wildlife 3 min. 

Explore the Galapogos w/ Google Maps 8 min

Magnificient Galapogos- Fox News

Story of Lonesome George- BBC Attenborough 

BBC- Lonesome George Tortoise 

Lonesome George Dies


Natural Selection- Sci Show  (peppered moth) 



PBS- How does Evolution Really work?  

PBS- How do we know Evolution Happens?  

artificial selection

** meet the super cow- nat geo

Natural Selection Made Easy



 issues w/ inbreeding in dogs

animal farm- part 1 of 10

**Darwin's Dangerous idea- selective breeding


Web Links



Worksheets and Other Documents



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