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Welcome to Mr. O'Connor's Website 

Please check the school district MOODLE for my classroom information.  This can be found under "Quick Links" on the School Webpage or the following links.

-Parents must first have their child's ID# and password to access.

All On-Level students can access at the following link:

All Honors students can access at the following link:

-Having Problems with MOODLE?  this comes from our technology dept. and has helped many students access.

Moodle only runs on:
Internet Explorer 7 or higher

Safari is not considered "stable". Have them check their web browser.


Week of 10/12

Thursday- worked on our visual presentations in either Animoto, Mixbook, Prezi, Glogster (all web based), or Power Point with the help of some technology teachers today. 

-All students received their project rubric and the following directions.

-The students used the login pattern below for all web based technology which can be accessed anywhere there is the internet.

-All students will begin the login with (tmoconnor) followed by class period # followed by +student ID#.  For example, a period 5 student would use the email 

HW-students can continue to work on visual presentations



-reminded students who need to show me their resource work to do so if they want credit; on-line resources will be checked for credit on Friday; work that is not shown to me in a timely manner cannot be given full credit.  All research is worth 50points total.

-All students were shown 5 resources of which they will need to choose 1 to visually present their person of research.  This will be worth at least 50points.  This week will be spent working on this project.  Tomorrow they must come prepared to begin working with 1 of those 5 options.


-As per our librarian Mrs. Moore, we offered 1 final day in the library to wrap up research.  Some still need to show me their research from Print Sources for points by tomorrow, and On-line source information can also be gathered at home via the Eyer Middle School Librarian's website.  Lastly, students can always go back and add more information at any time as long as they properly cite the information. 


Week of 10/4

All Classes- continue with research this week; taught how to cite on-line sources.  By the end of the week I will check that all students have at leaset 3 print sources and 1 on-line source. 









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